The Ionzyme Gold Roll-­CIT is a luxurious addition to the range of Environ’s Cosmetic Roll-­CITs being the most effective cosmetic Roll-­CIT in the range. The main focus of the Roll-­CIT range is to enhance perfusion of the ingredients found in the Environ product offering to assist in obtaining better and faster results.


Device: This elegant instrument is plated in gold and has 260 ultra fine needles. The needles are 0.2mm in length.

The main benefit of using the Ionzyme Gold Roll-°©‐CIT is to enhance perfusion of the ingredients contained in the Environ products which may assist in healthier looking skin and will in a shorter space of time.
The Cosmetic Ionzyme Gold Roll-°©‐CIT, together with topical Environ products, may assist to:
Give the appearance of tighter skin
Reduce the appearance of fine lines
Improve the texture of the skin
Reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone
Skin Types: Indications for use: The Environ Ionzyme Gold Roll-­CIT may be used on all skin types excluding the following skin conditions: Eczema, Psoriasis, raised moles, Solar Keratosis, warts, skin cancer and problematic skin. Skin must be prepared with adequate doses of topical vitamin A, C, E and beta-­carotene prior to treatment with the Ionzyme Gold Roll­Cit to avoid the possibility of a retinoid reaction.
key Ingredients:
Hints and Tips:
Packaging: The Roll-°©‐CIT is seated in a fitted protective cap, to protect the needles, and sealed in a plastic bag before being irradiated to ensure sterility of the product.
Cosmetic Ionzyme® Gold Roll-°©‐CIT™ comes with a 12 month guarantee with proof of purchase when proof of purchase is supplied.