“I am fussy with my family and what we eat. With so much conflicting information out there, it’s hard to know whether the decisions you make on behalf of your loved ones are the best possible.

After having the genetic test done for each family member, I gained clearer direction regarding what we should be eating to sustain optimum health. We also had the environmental genetics test completed to assess my family’s existing state of health, as well as the areas we need to address.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both tests to anyone; they provide you with invaluable insight into your own health and what you can do to improve it. They were great!”

– Sandra, Perth

“As a Christmas present last year, my sister gifted me with an epigenetics test at 5Glyde. I was apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect, but my mind was quickly put at ease thanks to the professional and attentive clinicians.

The test was quick and painless and, after my results came through in minutes, I was guided through each outcome. I was surprised when the test revealed that I had a large presence of parasites in my system. I have struggled with stomach issues over the years, and wondered if this could have been the true cause. I decided to follow up with a naturopath to validate the results of the epigenetics test – could it really determine so much from a strand of hair? Sure enough, further testing revealed that I am in fact suffering from a parasite which could explain the IBS-like symptoms I’ve experienced over the years. I am now treating the bug and feeling much better.

I am thankful to my sister for purchasing the test as a gift, which ultimately led to determining the root cause of my long-term health issues. I highly recommend the epigenetics test to anyone who is keen to get their health back on track and looking for a sound place to start.”

– Rebecca, Perth

“I had an epigenetic test and it was quite amazing. All it takes is for you to sit down and within minutes the technology analyses your hair.

You receive a detailed report that is also emailed to you straight away. With the reading of the results on site, I was able to have an accurate overview of my current state of health.

The therapists are welcoming and friendly, and their professionalism complements the beautiful and elegant surroundings of the clinic.”

– Arielle, Perth

“I was completely wowed upon arriving at 5Glyde. I immediately felt comfortable and confident from the welcoming staff, right through to the very professional service I received. I was put at ease throughout my treatment, and was amazed at the improvements in lines and condition of my skin after an initial session.

On the same occasion, I also had the environmental genetic test and was thrilled to receive the results back in just 15 minutes. Julia and Sandy went through the results with me, and it really surprised me to find out what my body was lacking, and how to remedy the health issues I experience, as well as their connection to my ageing complexion.

I’m already feeling good and so excited to see the improvements that will occur over the weeks – not only to my skin, but how much better I’ll feel in general.”

– Dianne, Perth