Empowering and nurturing the body to improve heath. One person at a time.

Wellness treatments at 5GLYDE focus on promoting balance and wellbeing. We will provide you with an individualized service based on your unique genetic and environmental profile.
When required we also recommend + work with specific health specialists to benefit your wellness journey.

Environmental Profile

Cell well-being Environmental Profiling.


While genetics refers to the gene sequence, or DNA code, epigenetics refers to all the other factors that control how and when each gene is expressed.


5GLYDE is the FIRST clinic in Perth to offer the latest ground-breaking German technology for the collection, assessment, and indexing of signature wave information.


Our Cell Well-being technology provides a unique interface for the collection and assessment of bio-information from hair cell samples and the characterisation of personal data derived into a profile.


Bio information is carried in the weak electromagnetic field emissions from cells, tissues and organisms. The information is carried in a similar manner to the way a radio wave might carry music or an MRI scan carries an image.


Within 30 minutes of scanning your fresh hair sample, you will receive an environmental health statement. The statement provides a wide range of indicators such as Amino Acid Indicators, Essential Fatty Acid Indicators, Antioxidant Indicators, EMF/ELF Indicators, Dietary Environmental Indicators, Microbiology Indicators, Vitamin and Mineral Indicators.


Along with this statement a follow-up report will be emailed to you, explaining your individual test results, needs and action steps required to reverse any negative environmental indicators.